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Greg Falxa's Ancient Antarctic Photo Album

Welcome. This page features some photos taken by different folks around Antarctica. 1996-97 was my third year (austral summer season) both at McMurdo Station as a communications (RF) technician with Antarctic Support Associates, and then (January and February of 1997) at Palmer Station on the other side of the continent to help engineer the Live From Antarctica-2 series. These are interactive broadcasts, with scientists answering questions from students in classrooms around the US, and the scientists talking about their work (live!). It has penguins,whales, glaciers and pretty scenery. Click on the titles below for some previews of what's inside. 

Wildlife Photos from Palmer
Wildlife Photos from Palmer, page2
The Palmer Station

Mostly McMurdo Photographs...
Here's Palmer Station, on Anvers Island, off the Antarctic Peninsula
How about a little Aurora Australis?
The Moon over the Royal Society Range as seen from McMurdo
And a final McMurdo shot...
Historic Cape Evans, Antarctica, not far from McMurdo
And now, South Pole Station (Amundsen-Scott Station)
Taking the Polar Plunge
The ship which carried us from Chile across Drake's Passage
And a few of the Antarctic crew...

Link to Live From Antarctica-2 Page
Teachers Antarctica Resource

Updated 10 August 1999